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SMS Information from HANCO Inc. and Frextr.

Here are some of the SMS questions we heard from our customers in our early discussions. After thirty years in marketing technology, and six years in mobile marketing, you're in expert hands.

Owner: Do I have to ask for their mobile numbers?

Frextr: You don't have to worry about collecting mobiles. Your customers take care of it for you. They subscribe.

We provide collateral templates to build your customer circle in complete compliance with the FCC regulations governing text message marketing and SMS coupons.

Owner: What if I don't text?

Frextr: Lots of people don't text, but 80% of all people under 45 do. Text is not going away. You might as well use it to make more money.

Owner: What about the customer who doesn't like/want text?

Frextr: Some customers will take it and others won't. It is an increasingly popular preference.

22% of ALL adults would choose to receive cell-phone notice of daily specials from their favorite restaurants? (2008, National Restaurant Association Trends.) It won't be for everyone, 22% is still a healthy slice of your customers.

If a customer opts in and then doesn't like it, they reply STOP to any of your messages to unsubscribe.

Owner: Do I get my customers' mobile phone numbers?

Frextr: You can see the number of subscribed customers, when you send text blasts and how many customers received each blast.

Mobile numbers belong to your customers. The FCC fines companies who "collect mobile numbers" and text people outside of audited marketing programs. Frextr's marketing program is approved by all US carriers.

Owner: Will it work if I only see my clients a few times a year?

Frextr: You bet. It's even more important for you to have a way to strengthen your relationship with your clients between visits.

You don't have the advantage of a coffee shop that sees their customers every day. But you can send them information by text. Let them know about new services. Remind them of important dates. Announce a seminar you are giving. Wish them happy holidays. Give them a reason to get in touch.

Available on Alltel, Appalachian Wireless, AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Carolina West Wireless, Boost, Cellcom, Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Cellular South, Centennial Wireless, Cricket Communications, Immix Wireless, Nextel, Revol Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Unicel, VerizonWireless, Virgin Mobile and West Central Wireless. No charge for subscribing. Standard carrier SMS rates and other charges may apply. Text messaging is not supported on some handsets. For help, text HELP to 37398. To opt-out via your mobile phone, text STOP to 37398. T&Cs at Mobile numbers are never shared or sold.